Iowa has long been known as an agricultural leader.

We grow corn. We grow soybeans. For generations, we have proudly tended the fields responsible for feeding our families and our nation. Farmers still inhabit our landlocked state, but this new generation is interested in more than just traditional crops. A small group of these farmers are ready to bring an entirely new product to Iowa. That product? Shrimp.

The reality of the changing global landscape demands that we reimagine food production.

It is no longer viable, economically, environmentally, or ethically, to rely on food produced halfway around the world. What is possible is an innovative approach to the conventional understanding of where our food comes from. Iowa Shrimp Farms bridges this gap, bringing to the Midwest delicious Pacific White Shrimp farmed amidst the fields of Iowa.

Iowa Shrimp Farms offers high quality shrimp farmed in sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible ways.

Our shrimp are raised in a completely natural environment without antibiotics. They are never frozen and are available for regular deliveries to local Iowa restaurants. Locally grown Iowa shrimp delivers quality Pacific White Shrimp with the smallest carbon footprint possible. From our farm to your plate, we provide simply the best tasting shrimp.